Just arrived in Pasvik
By Jelle

Just arrived in Norway!
The domestic flight took us actually longer than the one from Amsterdam. We touched down at Kirkenes airport, not far from North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe. Our destination is Pasvik valley, home of the Pasvik nature reserve that straddles Finland, Norway and Russia. We are based in the Øvre Pasvik Campingsite at the entrance of the park. It’s the end of may, so there aren’t many tourists around. Hanna, the owner of the camping lives across the road and shows us our tiny but cozy cottage with tiny windows that leave the mosquitos out. And more importantly, the sunlight. Since the 17th of may the sun hasn’t set. It will stay up in the sky for the next few months. The windows might be small, but still its light enough in the cabin to read a book. And the birds keep on singing all night. 

Let’s not hope we go crazy!  

Our little cabin
First evening